Ignoring DS. Memoirs and Reflections (EBOOK) (English)


Fas possible l'atenció directa als infants i joves amb la síndrome de Down i altres situacions de discapacitat intel·lectual a través de la compra de les obres d’art de la nostra botiga.


For more than sixteen years, Andy Trias Trueta has compiled his reflections, articles and memoirs in handwritten notebooks. Now, thanks to a selection of some of his best writings, he shows a good part of his opinions and his thoughts. The reader will be able to enter his day to day, full of contemporary history and, at the same time, will find answers to the great questions that life poses. Through Andy’s brave and lucid gaze, and with a clear and very personal style, we will discover that willpower and determination move mountains.

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Autor Andy Trias Trueta
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